Resources for NLP Trainers

We’ve built a range of NLP toolbox assets for NLP Trainers.

We understand that despite the fact that you’ve managed to get to the stage where one can train and become effective at your work, sometimes the assets for NLP Trainers take more time to develop.

That’s why we’ve come up with a number of different NLP ‘boxes’ with various wonderful ‘toys and games’ that would get you many years to develop, then refine.

There exists a choice of energy point slide-shows, order forms, manuals,  audio media pieces, bills, feedback forms, logistics and much more.

Here’s a good example of what you’ll get from your personality profiling set:

Ms powerpoint display rich in class, fully designed and formatted 35mm slides (X 22 35mm slides)

A handbook


Feedback forms

Resources for NLP Trainers


Order forms

A welcome pack email to transmit out

Metaprograms handmade cards to print

Metaprograms Sheet to copy

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