How our programming determines our reality

Within this video Jevon Dängeli  introduces the actual concepts of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) .

The presentation also outlines the “NLP Communication Model” which will help us to know the way we take information in the outdoors world into our neurology and just how that consequently affects our ideas, feelings and behaviors.

How our programming determines our reality

Summary of the recording content:

Our unique nerve filters remove and/or distort and/or generalise everything we have seen, hear, feel, smell and taste to produce the ideas which drive our feelings and subsequent actions. Therefore, the matter that we all experience is basically based on what we should do within our minds.

Our encounters throughout existence, including our birth, upbringing, social conditioning, education, religion, culture, etc, are what create our nerve filters. Which means that everybody encounters a situation in a different way.

Understanding concerning the NLP Communication Model together with the use of NLP approaches allows individuals to ‘run their very own minds’. More fulfillment in existence is quite possible if we are less impacted by exterior conditions, through attaining charge of our internal processes. This can lead to mental freedom, empowered reactions, and conscious interactions with other people.

Within the video below you’ll uncover more…

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