NLP vs Hypnosis!

One theme that appears in the future up a great deal is….

Notebook computer: Hypnosis or NLP.

Here is a take on this which i already shared on Facebook, however i thought could be best to share here too and possibly expand it just a little:

“What I am going to say appears so obvious and  obvious in my experience, but apparently it’s not to a lot of others – area of the great thing about all of us understanding things within our own unique way!

NLP and Hypnosis are simply names that inform us nothing by what is actually happening Just new ways to cut exactly the same cake IMO obviously.

Each one of these stops working into teams of abilities, a few of which overlap.

You will find pro’s and cons to any or all approaches, what fits very best in the particular context and because of the preferred outcome is best.

This jogs my memory from the old debates on fighting techinques forums about which art is ‘best’ And who very best in ‘the cage’ The MMA Mma guys… those who change things up and discover the blend that works well with them within the context they require it.

I have heard exactly the same debate in other locations too – “what’s best – Chiropractic care or Osteopathy” The simple truth is it is dependent upon the abilities from the specialist as opposed to the label they will use to explain the things they’re doing.

In each and every area, it’s individuals who keep their art ‘pure’ and strictly define what it’s and is not who finish up losing the advantage Individuals who see the things they’re doing – see their skillset – like a ‘living’ factor to become investigated and developed always finish track of the finest selection of versatility and application Like I only say, appears obvious…”.

I think you’ll will all forgive the marginally cocky tone to that particular but there’s a place there that should be made If you would like fantastic abilities, lose the limitations around that which you do and change things up Learn and apply whatever helps and whatever provides you with the edge Hypnosis/NLP/Mind-Abilities/Influence/Training-Abilities/Cognitive Linguistics/Hoodoo/JuJu/… anything you refer to it as and whatever works!

This is actually the future… allow it to be yours!

All the most effective.


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