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I’m a counselor, trainer and author of the greatest selling NLP book, "The Rainbow Machine – Tales from the Neurolinguist’s Journal" that has attracted evaluations to Robert Anton Wilson, Richard Bandler and Milton Erickson.

Additionally to, "The Rainbow Machine", I additionally come in other books including, "Strange Fruit from the Bitter Tree" by Mark Andreas, "Assist With Negative Self Talk" by Steve Andreas and "Rebuilding Hope: Appreciative Methods to solve Grief and Bitterness" by Take advantage of Voyle.

Located in the seaside village of Rustington, West Sussex, England, I’m a hypnotherapist having a background clinical experience of neurosurgery and neurology within my former profession like a rn I work at home for client work and Skype periods are for sale to one-to-one periods for those who are not able to visit and worldwide clients.

I’ve been teaching Hypnosis and Brief Therapy techniques since 1996 and much more lately I’ve acquired a significant status with my developments of Integral Eye Movement Therapy and Metaphors of motion that are trained worldwide and therefore are bringing in considerable attention.

"Andrew Austin is obvious, original, and open about mental illness, medication, and psychiatry His abilities were honed by experience within the "trenches" of psychiatry, so they know what he’s speaking about" Steve Andreas, author of "Changing Oneself" along with other books about therapy and private change.

"Andy Austin is definitely an intelligent and entertaining trainer He demonstrates high standards regarding dealing with clients and most importantly, he trains you to definitely notice yourself because the clinician/coach in most kinds of situations His materials are very helpful for people who wish to improve their therapeutic abilities He cleverly leads students to obtain the solutions within after which offers new suggestions to challenge their learning much more I’ve loved my encounters gaining knowledge from Andy and that i recommend him like a trainer" Rachel Hott, PhD Co-director The NLP Center of NY.

"Greatly congruent and massively practical Andy’s training is obvious, concise and incredibly memorable with tales of their own provocative and efficient therapy he’ll perhaps you have laughing and crying IEMT is really a rapid and wonderfully content free intervention Anybody having a serious dedication to really growing their clinical abilities must attend certainly one of Andy’s classes" Nigel Hetherington, NLP and Hypnosis Trainer.

Clients have searched for out my services for problems as diverse as:

Video: Andrew T Austin Talking about Phantom Limb Discomfort.

The issues presented by nearly all clients don’t really fit readily right into a diagnosable category.

Here are a few typical problems presented in the last couple of years.

"I’m fifty and that i can’t deal with my domineering mother/father"

"I’ve the need to reveal myself in public places"

"I’ve got a fear of jelly"

"Personally i think so guilty constantly"

"I steal"

"I lack confidence in categories of people"

"I believe I am hooked on pornography"

"I personally don’t like people touching my ft"

"I have didn’t have a climax"

"I am frightened of the dark"

"I believe I am cursed"

"Personally i think angry constantly"

"I’ve bad dreams"

"I grind my teeth"

"Jealousy keeps destroying my associations"

"My dad is really a control freak"

"I have didn’t have confidence since i have arrived on the scene of prison"

"I wet the mattress"

"I had been cajolled in school and am still afraid"

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