NLP Therapy Online with Chris Harrison

Before cooperating it is crucial that you realize things i can perform for you personally, the way i work, and that i can decide whether a number of NLP consultation services is within your own interests and can supply the assist you to need.

To make sure that this is actually the situation please book a totally free half hour opening consultation or if you love contact PlanetNLP having a description of the problem just before your free session.

Presuming which i feel I will help you together with your problem, and you’re pleased to proceed, you’ll be able to book a typical one hour session at any given time that best suits you.

You’ll need skype running on your computer, mac, or ipad This is often downloaded from Skype Download.

Presently a one hour skype consultation costs 75 approximately $120 US.

What’s an NLP Consultation like.

A main issue with our time is going to be spent discovering precisely what processes and methods you’re running that create the problems you coping Too many NLP professionals simply attempt to match the clients problem to some specific NLP technique after which, once the technique does not attain the preferred outcome, question what went wrong.

It can make a lot more sense to recognize the modification needed as particularly as you possibly can.

Throughout a totally free opening consultation we’ll concentrate on determining these rogue processes to ensure that we are able to decide particularly what work must be done.

When the problem and preferred outcome happen to be recognized then it’s just a situation of creating the brand new actions needed to achieve your ultimate goal and cope with any more issues because they show up This might involve specific NLP exercises or might be done purely through conversation.

What issues can one assist with.

NLP may be used to resolve numerous problems Through the years I’ve labored with numerous issues such as the following:

Social Anxiety/Social Fear.

Social Anxiety social fear and Confidence would be the areas by which I specialize.

Social Anxiety is definitely an especially debilitating problem, despite the fact that it is available in a variety of forms with numerous elements, improvement usually can be produced rapidly and customers are frequently surprised just how much they are able to change.


Deficiencies in confidence may cause issues that affect all areas of the existence.

For presentations and selection interviews, or simply during the current, hectic morning, self-confidence is essential.


Fears can be very frightening We have all seen grown males shake uncontrollably at the idea of touching a lizard or perhaps popping a balloon.

Fears appear to become terribly misconstrued through the media, and therefore are normally quite simple to repair, usually in one session.

Giving up Smoking.

A couple of periods can produce a massive difference to the probability of you giving up and remaining quit.


Can’t leave that last bit of chocolate cake until tomorrow.

Compulsions like these could be fixed easily.

Weight Reduction.

You will find many different ways we are able to help maintain a healthy weight, including:

Assist you to gain the motivation to workout.

Assist you to gain the motivation to consume right.

Remove eating compulsions.

Remove Gym Fears.

Improve your Body Image.


What will it be like should you be really motivated to obtain individuals uncomfortable jobs done in order to get outdoors and lose that weight.

Let’s say the duties you want to do were as enjoyable as watching your preferred television program, eating your preferred meal, or partaking inside your favorite bed room activity whatever that could be.

If you’d like assist with an problem that is not covered above, or you require a lot of my NLP consultation services or any facets of the NLP therapy I offer, then please contact PlanetNLPcom.