NLP – EFT Therapy – Performance Coaching

When you are battling with undesirable ideas, feelings or behaviors then read on….

Tim Robins.

Hello, i’m Tim Robins and i’m a licensed Master NLP & EFT Specialist, Performance Coach and Trainer located in Leamington Health spa, Warwickshire.

For more than ten years I’ve been helping individuals to overcome demanding mental issues and also to uncover greater confidence.

From the 3000+ clients I’ve labored with in the last decade, many of them had not heard about Nlp NLP or Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT just before dealing with me.

I’ll presume that, like them, you’re also fairly not really acquainted with these rather odd-sounding techniques.

To put it simply, NLP & EFT both directly your subconscious They could break lengthy-standing negative designs rapidly and easily NLP and EFT don’t require you to definitely have confidence in them to allow them to work.

These profoundly effective techniques can assist you to forget about undesirable ideas, feelings and behaviors within only a couple of periods.

However, you don’t have to maintain emotional turmoil to be able to take advantage of these periods.

And also gives personal therapy periods, I additionally provide Performance Training to professionals, salesmen and business proprietors.

Training allows you to bring your performance one stage further and by doing this will allow you to attain better results with less anxiety.

Therapy & Existence Training in Leamington Health spa:

Fast and impressive results.

Private and results-driven periods.

Most issues are resolved in only three or four periods.

Particularly effective on problems that haven’t responded well to guidance, psycho-therapy or CBT

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