The Big Book Of NLP Techniques 200 Patterns – Strategies of Neuro Linguistic Programming Paperback

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While you’re reading this book, you are able to uncover many practical techniques that you won’t find underneath the single roof of some other nlp book I imagine you would need to buy a number of different books to complement the information of that one.

I wondered in purchasing this book if it might be possible for doing things for training reasons, or at best use a lot of it in training What I would suggest will be a spiral bound version for simplicity of use.

Reading through through it progressively I’ve learned a lot of things I didn’t know.

For instance after i learned nlp I had been trained the 3 perceptual positions of nlp.

1 Connected – subjective Seeing hearing and feeling with your personal VAK.

2 Dissociated – Seeing yourself within the picture Like watching a film of yourself jumping inside a lake instead of jumping inside a lake.

3 Body else position How would you react should you be in someone else’s footwear.

This book offers two more perceptual positions, although opinions often differ when you move past the fundamental 3.

Additionally it provides many intriguing techniques you might never have come across, for example falling for each other pattern, solving internal conflicts, loving yourself pattern, assertiveness installation, the excuse blowout pattern, circle of excellence, forgiveness pattern, the Godiva chocolate pattern, and Erickson’s 55 hypnotic phrases to title a couple of.

If you’re a new comer to nlp, and not ready for something this comprehensive I suggest Bandler’s "Obtain the Existence you would like," and/or "Sourcebook of Miracle" by L Michael Hall, that has 77 designs Then, as you become more knowledgeable, and begin dealing with people, you are able to run with this particular book, getting learned just to walk using the others.

Hope it was helpful.

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