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On Jobs and NLP Levels.

Will the NLP community available choose to lead words of knowledge to another generation of CL/NLP newcomers?

You may decide to read my very own discussion of the items I see is the distinction between CL and NLP here .

Here was my advice to Thomas. You are liberated to attack it viciously.

I believe the important real question is regarding your goals: would you like to be an instructional focusing on higher level problems like parsing and discourse (by which situation you are searching at obtaining a PhD), or would you like to obtain a job in industry (a PhD is nice in industry, but you will find lots of NLP jobs for Masters level, even some for Bachelor’s)?

If market is the way to go, the college you select will not really matter much it is the abilities you develop. I’d strongly counsel you to build up competency with machine learning, there are already. It’s not necessary to do well in internet marketing, just competent. This is a highly marketable expertise now, and will also be for that expected future. General competence with statistics and corpus linguistics is extremely valued.

So, I’d request each program where stats and ML squeeze into their programs (or just how much versatility they provide you with to take electives).

The Lousy Linguist

And, only for the record, SUNY Zoysia comes with an M.S. in CL too. Much less late to use. You are able to kinda surf Lake Erie (gotta be much better than Georgia surfing).

(pssst, context for that surfing reference are available on Thomas’ profile).

I scanned the final 10 approximately NLP related non-academic job posts around the Linguist List and located a good little bit of consistency within the abilities these were requesting. Most importantly else, all of them wanted good programming abilities. Should you search for "computational linguistics" I think you will see a much greater focus on programming abilities.

Here is a representative sample from the "needs" from individuals Linguist List job posts. Taken altogether, they might look intimidating, but this can be a mash-from ten+ posts. It is simply designed to sketch what market is searching for.

Experience of a number of the next: MS SQL Database Server Internet Information Services/Apache Tomcat Home windows os’s.Internet Java.

Strong programming abilities in a minimum of two following programming languages: Python, C++, Java and Perl

Multimodal record calculations for language processing and modeling both in speech and handwriting programs

Develop tools for effectively processing corpora of speech and/or sketch/handwriting data

Make use of a group of scientists and designers to effectively integrate research components and validate functionality

Experience preferred with record language modeling for either speech or handwriting programs (e.g. knowledge of CMU-Cambridge LM toolkit, SRILM toolkit, ATT FST toolkit, MALLET, Libbow, etc.)

Strong algorithmic abilities and analytical background

Shown success in your fast-paced atmosphere

Capability to work efficiently and effectively either individually and/or perhaps in a collaborative team atmosphere.

Experience of the creation and exploitation of domain and task ontologies in text statistics

Strong background in record modelling needed.

Understanding of machine translation or natural language processing techniques

Capability to perform linguistic data analysis.

Proficiency in a number of scripting languages (Perl, Python, Ruby) or programming languages, particularly C++, is really a plus.

MS or PhD in Computational Linguistics or related area.

Experience being produced-quality NLP systems.

Knowledge of Unix/Linux operating-system atmosphere is really a plus.

Experience of machine learning, information retrieval, or data mining are advantages.

Experience of regarding domain-specific ontologies is helpful

Experience of record analysis and machine learning

Development, analysis, and support of grammar engine rules for British

Experience of corpus or text analysis, conversation analysis, or computational linguistics

Experienced architect/developer to create scalable enterprise application friendly implementations of spell checking, sentiment, named entity extraction