Small Grants Collaborative Programs Impact NEI Microgrants

Small Grants or loans + Collaborative Programs = Impact: NEI Microgrants

Jan 29, 2013 Esther Kustanowitz, Program Coordinator, NEI

When you initially hear the title “NextGen Engagement Initiative” you may think that the program is much like a number of other community programs made to engage Jewish teenagers – including massive parties, or events around Jewish food, holidays and culture. But NEI is one thing different. It works on the more “micro” level, strengthening a population that’s typically underserved – Jewish experts who will work in more compact community organizations to interact L.A. Jews within their 20s and 30s.

Small Grants Collaborative Programs Impact NEI Microgrants

Through NEI. a partnership between your Jewish Federation of Greater La and also the Jewish Community First step toward La through their Leading Edge grants or loans program, our Federation convenes a network that fits regularly – in-person and virtually – for peer support, expert guidance and professional development. Thing about this small-but-mighty program may be the NEI Microgrants initiative. Running since 2009, NEI Microgrants have given small grants or loans ($1-5K) for programs varying from Chanukah parties to some food justice lecture series. Only NEI network people in-good-standing are allowed to use, and programs must represent collaborations or close ties between several NEI network organizations. (Once that requirement is met, this program’s partners may, and therefore are urged to, collaborate with organizations outdoors the network.)

NEI Microgrants are sponsoring the next programs in 2013:

Artists’ Community Retreat (LimmudLA, joining up with Six Points Fellowship, East Side Jews, Silverlake Independent JCC, NuArt, JQ Worldwide and Reboot) – A retreat around the East Side of La to collect individuals who take part in Jewish arts and culture work with networking and focused discussion. (held The month of january 2013) SEDER Art Microgrant Initiative (NuArt, Federation’s Birthright Israel Experience, yet others TBD) – Meals-based initiative dedicated to developing a path for rethinking how contemporary Jewish art and culture is funded and experienced communally. Participants come for any meal and presentations by Jewish artists, election on their own faves, and also the winning artist gets to be a microgrant of funds produced through the admission cost. Shul Crawl (Silverlake Independent JCC/East Side Jews and 9 local synagogues) – A number of organized excursions to various area synagogues. Participants will also be presented having a specifically-designed program packet of materials about Jewish customs. LGBT and Ally Birthright Trip, Summer time 2013 (JQ Worldwide and Birthright Israel) – The very first Federation-backed Birthright Israel trip created for GLBTQ and allies. This grant supports specific marketing and student internships to recruit for and also to promote the trip. Jewish Film Festival (Sinai Temple-ATID and American Buddies of Tel Aviv College) – Programming in the Jewish Film Festival focusing on teenagers, together with a special workshop with asked industry loudspeakers.

The content from the NEI Microgrants initiative, along with the NEI network in general, is that we’re more powerful together than we’re individually, which every individual within this crowd of pros has knowledge and experience to talk about that may strengthen collective and individual efforts which help us sort out our challenges. By knowing one anothers’ faces, projects and passions, we’re motivated to collaborate and have the support of community.

NEI belongs to The Jewish Federation’s dedication to engaging teenagers with techniques which are relevant, innovative and significant. If you’re a Jewish professional whose work focuses on 20s and 30s engagement in La and also find out more about NEI, contact .