NLP corporate programs

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Technique to Results through People.

BOWAworld offers many programs to assist organizations identify possibilities for enhancing your organization’s strategy and procedures, in line with the guidelines we’ve noticed in 100s of engagements with clients all over the world.


To be able to stress Humanology and permit audience people to internalize the content, we incorporate Discoveries .

NLP corporate programs

What are the Discoveries we are recognized for?

2. Walking damaged glass

3. Walking fire

4. Bending steel rebars with this throats

5 Breaking arrows with this necks

6. Breaking wood boards with this hands

8. Teambuilding activities

10. A lot more.

Without guidance and concentrate, all could be harmful however in our presentations they’re metaphors for that other challenges existence can instruct. It’s by not backing lower in the warmth, facing the discomfort and never succumbing towards the pressure one feels throughout a Breakthrough that certain evolves a brand new outlook of what’s possible in one’s existence.

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Bert’s programs are just like a stimulus bundle for anybody dealing with a mental recession. –-Victor Antonio, Sales Influence -Atlanta, G.A.

Bert Oliva is a to look at. His energy, insight, truthfulness, and thirst to be the leading edge makes him a high option for anybody seeking a effective business mentor and coach! Pay attention to him and become empowered to create and live the existence you’ve always dreamt of! –-Kevin K. Ross, Author, Speaker, Minister, Creator from the ‘Designer Existence Systems’

Bert clearly includes a gift from God to motivate and persuade folks. You’d be smart and fortunate to hear him. –-Gary Applewhite, Minister College Chapel of Christ -Colorado, Colorado

Talking to SERVICES

BOWA provides a unique mixture of proper marketing and management talking to services to make sure that the visit market technique is seem, your marketing and sales communications and programs are effective, effective and measurable which your marketing and advertising teams are highly motivated and dealing together for achievement.

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