Welcome to Pegasus NLP!

Which means that you have in-depth training according to many years of practical utilization of NLP running a business management and leadership, training, training, therapy, and team development.

As well as on our courses you learn NLP within an inspiring setting You’re in a 62 acre woodland estate, with two ponds, in Hampshire’s New Forest – yet no more than 2 hrs from London, Oxford, Exeter, or Bristol!

NLP Courses.

On the Pegasus NLP training program you have in-depth professional and personal development training which, since 1999, have incorporated the truly amazing High Ropes and occasional Ropes courses to supply a valuable extra dimension to self exploration and development and practical methods for working on your emotional intelligence.

Course dates, prices and placement.

You’ll find full particulars famous our courses here including links to help details about what and just how you learn.

NLP information, tips, and methods.

You have access to more than 100 articles about using NLP inside your existence and associations via some suggestions & Techniques page.

What is NLP.

It is sometimes complicated to explain is within a couple of words – but,m undaunted, we have were built with a go – and you may on NLP, it’s strange title and it is history through our pages on which is NLP.

Our in-depth NLP training program.

On the 5-day NLP Core Abilities course you learn NLP completely and interactively You are not attending an easy-weight NLP opening course, either, since this is also part one in our full-length, full-training Specialist Certification Training So you are learning in-depth NLP immediately.

To supply a thorough immersion the program runs over 5 consecutive days Saturday to Wednesday from everything, with a little group of similarly motivated people, within the United kingdom – within the New Forest in Hampshire.

You can go to the program daily or remain on-site within the comfortable Norwegian-style lodge in which the course takes place for particulars of the and every one of our NLP courses.

The Pegasus NLP – the 6+ variations.

1 Small groups.

On the Pegasus NLP course you are members of a little, informal learning group of around 12-16 instead of a crowd of hundreds.

2 Experience.

On the courses you take advantage of in-depth experience We’ve been running NLP-based classes for nearly 3 decades.

3 Practical.

We would like you to definitely have the ability to make use of your NLP techniques in the next day of your course This is exactly why we constantly aim to make our method of NLP fresher, more lower-to-earth more jargon-free, and much more-hands-on.

4 Interactive.

On the NLP courses your learn interactively and also you mainly improve by doing and talking about.

5 A part of a learning team.

We goal to include the knowledge and abilities of everybody attending An average course have a varied mixture of people including managers, coaches, team leaders, instructors, IT specialists, people striving to build up themselves, people transiting unemployed or careers, and self-employed business owners See ‘ NLP programs ‘ below.

6 Suggested.

Because of so many different NLP organisations to select from you might prefer to check: What individuals have stated about Pegasus NLP courses.

Plus because we think that NLP is better learned inside a multi-physical manner, instead of passively hearing entertaining loudspeakers you w ill find our classes are practical and hands-on.

Plus we include outside activities such as the Ropes Course on our courses that will help you ‘wire-in’ your brand-new NLP abilities.

Plus our classes are guaranteed On the NLP Core Abilities programme you’ve 2 days to make a decision And when you aren’t convinced the program may benefit you tell us through the finish from the second day and we’ll refund your course fee quickly, entirely, and undoubtedly

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