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Dr Richard Bolstad is really a qualified teacher, nurse, psychotherapist, PET Instructor and NLP Trainer He is another father along with a grandfather Richard regularly shows parents how to produce a Rapport Based Family in Nz, Asia, Europe, and also the Americas Another parents whose tales fill this informative guide are among 100s of shoes of the "Changing Communication" method in metropolitan areas around the world You are able to e mail us at wwwtransformationsnetnz.

"The abilities referred to within this book arrived to our existence just like a breath of outdoors When I learned them I’d a combination of excitement and hope of a strategy to what appeared as an impossible situation These abilities work well as well as in while using abilities you can rely on your kids will end up grown ups with unparalleled combination of cooperative communication" Pauline Youthful, coach and Changing Communication trainer, Auckland, Nz.

Cost: NZ$20 Paperback.

Integration: NLP and Spirituality book by Dr Richard Bolstad and Julia Kurusheva.

This can be a book which is applicable a groundbreaking new thought process for an ancient truth The brand new thought process is known as Nlp or NLP It’s the study of methods effective people use their marbles to offer the results they are doing It offers tools for exercising how many people are extremely proficient at experienceing this existence results they need, after which tools for finding out how to do this yourself By doing this of thinking can also be utilized in training, education, healthcare, and business The traditional the fact is that existence is a indivisible oneness To really experience this the fact is bliss it’s to possess a profound feeling of the perfection of the moment and also to treasure everything is available inside it It’s to know that love binds together all existence and every one of time, which we emerge using this love.

Mixing NLP and Spirituality provides you with the sensible understandings and tools to the touch what all people are trying to find Within this book are a number of led processes which invite you beyond regular awareness, and which let you leave the restrictions of history and go through the one great truth.

"Just before Integration, I’d heard people speaking about spirituality, and like many I discovered myself not able to explain, in tangible terms, what it’s Integration provides the dwelling and process for spirituality, which now causes it to be real for me personally"" Pauline Youthful, Coach "Chi kung exercises and NLP processes that required me towards the condition of "being"" If you want enlightenment look at this!" – Chris Lampard, Business Trainer.

Cost: NZ$30 Paperback.

Developing A Cooperative World book by Dr Richard Bolstad

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